Project Log: Another World for the GP32

Tuesday, July 12, 2005 at 10:10 PM

Another World got Bronze

We just had to mention that Another World for the GP32 got Bronze in the 2005 annual GBAX handheld coding competition.

We are all pleased with the result and glad people enjoyed the port and re-living this little gem of a game.

Were even more pleased that our principle coder should soon be hacking about with a shiny new NDS courtesy of GBAX.


Wednesday, June 29, 2005 at 9:33 AM

AW/GP32 1.02 released

Another World for the GP32 version 1.02 has been released.

Major changes in this version are...

In-game gamma (brightness) adjustment.

Exiting the game now causes RTEMS to reset the GP32 not just exit to a console/debug screen.

To use the new gamma code press L (Lighter) or R (Darker). There are a number of levels from dark to almost white so experiment and see what looks good on your GP32.

The gamma level is set when the screen is redrawn so during the game you need to exit a screen to see the effect.

Hint: The screen is regularly redrawn in the introduction so try using that to gauge the appearance of various gamma levels.


AW/GP32 1.02 for NLU/FLU/BLU
AW/GP32 1.02 for the BLU+ only

As always, constructive comments are welcome.


The AW/GP32 team


Saturday, June 11, 2005 at 9:47 PM

AW/GP32 1.01 released

Another World for the GP32 version 1.01 has been released.

Major changes in this version are...

Sound code is now using Mutex's so sound should be much closer to the original game now.

The palettes intensity bit is no longer being set. This should make the game much more usable on BLU GP32’s.

In addition there is the usual minor tweaks to the code.

If you feel the game still looks washed out on your GP32 please leave a comment on this post with your GP32 version and thoughts.


AW/GP32 1.01 for NLU/FLU/BLU
AW/GP32 1.01 for the BLU+ only


The AW/GP32 team


Tuesday, May 31, 2005 at 10:00 PM

Another World released for the GP32

It's happened...

Another World for the GP32 has finally been released (as freeware) and has been entered into the GBAX2005 competition.

The GP32 version of Another World is based on Gregory Montoirs excellent RAW interpreter. This allows us to use the original game data files with a RAW's completely new and very easy to work with game engine.

All the issues over its release have been resolved and we are very pleased to be able to release the port complete with the data files for the full game as freeware due to the exceptional generosity of Eric Chahi.

Downloads of the GBAX2005 release can be found on the competition pages when the entries are released. Update, there here. All future updates to the port will be hosted on this site.

This port uses the RTEMS real-time operating system behind the scenes courtesy of Philippe Simons’s board support platform for the GP32. More info on RTEMS and its use in Another World for the GP32 will be posted later.

Please note that the source code to this port will never be released and please do not ask any members of the team for it. This is a condition of releasing the data files and we are all very happy to respect that.


The AW/GP32 team


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